Custom Products

Custom Manufactured Products

CarTika Medical Devices

A Variety of Products for Diverse Specialties

CarTika Medical manufactures quality products including:
  • Catheter components/styles
    • Braided
    • Non-braided
    • Multi-lumen
    • Microcatheters
    • Balloon
    • Stent delivery
    • Drug delivery
    • Drainage
    • Steerable
    • PTCA
    • Needle injection
    • Cell injection delivery
  • Coiled shafts
  • Sheaths
  • Feeding tubes
  • Dilators, introducers, and accessories
  • Custom balloons
  • Custom components for a variety of applications

CarTika Medical offers custom engineered and manufactured products for cardiology, neurology, spinal, OB-GYN, urology, gastroenterology, critical care, radiology and ear, nose and throat, bronchial, and more.

CarTika Medical Devices